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The process model for drawing up and signing contracts aims to create a safe and efficient scenario for migrating from paper to the digital world with a series of advantages compared to the traditional model of drawing up contracts and physical signatures.

Allow yourself to create drafts, amend, revise, approve, generate the final version, send it for signature and archive the signed version, completely digitally without printing a single sheet of paper.

The contract goes through several phases until everything is approved, and everything happens via a digital process with traceability, including control of the amended versions.

In the flow, the user who starts the process can select who will do the next task, allowing them to send the drafts to the most suitable people according to the type of contract being issued.

If the first approval is given, the flow goes to the legal department for a final analysis. With the legal report, the user who initiated the process can send the contract for approval, or make the changes recommended by the legal department, if necessary. In this case, the contract returns to the approval stage and then to the legal department for final validation.

When the final version is ready, the user responsible for the contract receives the task to send it to the people who should sign it using the signature control panel, which allows you to add a list of emails and define who should sign it, who should acknowledge it, and so on.

Through this panel, the person responsible keeps track of who has already signed the contract and who has yet to sign, and when everyone has signed, the system enables the button to import the document into the file, where it will be kept on file.

Working with a 100% digital process is also a very interesting experience from a financial point of view, since in addition to improving control and defining standards, the costs of issuing, signing and managing contracts are considerably reduced. If you import this template and need to change it, don’t worry, you can easily do so by adapting the stages of the flow to better suit the reality of your company.

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